While Rome Burns…

If you read the news, turn on the TV or just go on social media, you will see what most of us are seeing. Crime is on the rise. Smash and grabs, armed robberies, and violent crimes are the new normal in California. Sacramento’s soft-on-crime policies have led to record levels of crimes being committed in our communities. Rather than make our cities safer, the legislature continues to try and pass laws that enable and empower criminals.

I have been working hard to try and stop some of these dangerous bills before they can become law but I feel it is important that you are aware that there are still more being voted on that would endanger public safety. It is essential that we continue to ensure that our law enforcement have the resources and tools they need to keep us all safe.

Bills That I Worked To Stop

AB 93 Criminal Procedure: Consensual Searches: This bill would have prevented police officers from conducting searches of suspected criminals even if the suspect consents.

AB 742 Law Enforcement: Police Canines: This bill would have limited the ability of police officers from using unleashed canines to arrest or apprehend suspected criminals or to help control mobs.

Active Bills That Could Endanger Our Community

AB 1310 Sentencing: Recall and Resentencing: The bill would permit felons who use firearms during their crimes to have their sentences retroactively reduced.

SB 94 Recall and Resentencing: Special Circumstances:

I was elected to ensure our communities remain safe and continue to thrive. Whether that is ensuring local control in decision-making, standing up for parental rights, or making sure our streets are safer, I take my job seriously. At some point, enough is enough. I will not sit idly by while Rome burns and do nothing. I will continue to work towards making our communities safer and giving our public safety officers and first responders the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. The bill would make most murderers sentenced to life without parole eligible to have their sentence reduced.