End of Session Legislative Wrap-Up

As this year’s legislative session comes to an end, I wanted to update you on the status of some of the bills that I authored. From restoring the rights of crime victims to protecting our children on school campuses, my legislative package this year was focused on improving our quality of life in California.

These bills have passed both houses and are being sent to the Governor for his consideration:

AB 1651: This biIl wiIl help reduce the likelihood of lethal allergic reactions on school campuses. By ensuring that the location and use of on-campus epinephrine auto-injectors (EAIs) are known and accessible to school staff, the bill will help all students be safe at school. AB 746: This bill will increase the types of employment opportunities eligible to UC, CSU, or CCC students participating in the career development LAEP program to include more on-campus opportunities. It helps expand California’s career development programs.

AB 1653: This bill will provide schools more tools and guidelines to better protect student athletes from heat illness.

AB 88: This bill will provide crime victims with better access to the judicial system and ensure that if they wish to be heard during a hearing, they would be permitted to speak.

We were also able to secure many significant victories to protect public safety during this legislative session: I was proud to co-author and help pass SB 14, which will make child human trafficking a serious felony. This bill is now on its way to the Governor’s desk. I was also proud to join my Republican colleagues in stopping SB 94, legislation that would have made it easier for violent offenders to be let back out on the street. The bill was defeated on the Assembly Floor and will not be going to the Governor. It has been such an honor to represent our community in the State Assembly this year.