AB 1962: Telephone support services: seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Existing law, subject to an appropriation, establishes an Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) program, administered by the California Department of Aging, to provide information to consumers and their families on available long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs and to assist older adults, caregivers, and persons with disabilities in accessing LTSS programs at the local level. Under existing law, area agencies on aging and independent living centers are the core local partners in developing ADRC programs, after completing an application to be designated as an ADRC program.
This bill would, subject to an appropriation, require the department to establish a grant program, with funds awarded to area agencies on aging and independent living centers, for the purpose of providing telephone support services for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The bill would require a grant recipient to coordinate with paraprofessional volunteers, who would receive training to recognize when a professional referral should be made. The bill would also require a grant recipient to contact seniors and individuals with disabilities and provide a “listening setting” through the telephone support service to identify available resources for reducing anxiety or other behavioral challenges, in order to combat social isolation and to help rebuild social capital.

Staffer: Adam Boman

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